Top Managed Service Providers in the United States 2023

Top Managed Service Providers in the United States 2023

Managed service providers assist businesses in innovating and focusing on core business processes while lowering costs, enhancing operational efficiency, and making the most of digital technologies.


MSPs provide skilled delivery to help business processes reduce downtime. They specialize in remotely controlling their clients’ IT gear and components through frequent check-ups and issue screening. Managed service providers are typically hired by small to large businesses since they assist in completing normal IT tasks without incident. Internal IT teams in firms frequently lack innovation and fresh learning opportunities. MSPs now act as a backup team for such IT teams within various enterprises across industrial verticals.

 What is a managed IT service company?

MSPs are recognized for monitoring, supervising, and assisting their clients with cyber crisis management, among other things. The fact that managed services are now the fastest expanding service category provides a good starting point for understanding the market. From remote monitoring to onsite work, Managed IT Servide Providers offer support services that include cloud migration (in case of changing your cloud software, you won’t lose even 0.01% of your data), data backup, cyber security, network infrastructure, etc. By doing so, you will have security solutions adapted to your needs.

Furthermore, it has a projected CAGR of 10.8% from 2016 to 2021. The global managed services market size was valued at USD 267.3 billion in 2022 and is expected to register a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 13.6% from 2023 to 2030.


Here are a few of the primary advantages of managed service providers:

Who are the top MSP providers?

IUVO Technologies

It was established in 2007 with the intention of empowering businesses through technology. Bryon Beilman and Jeff Ouellette, the two of us who founded our company, saw the potential for technological services to help organizations function more profitably. Bryon and Jeff believed they could provide the genuine value of outsourced IT services that is lacking in today’s fiercely competitive market by combining them with highly competent, individualized interactions and services.

The fact that our customers stick with us, refer us to others, and have encouraged us to expand aggressively by asking for more of our services and bragging about how amazing we are is proof positive that this strategy is effective.

Excal Tech

ExcalTech is a leading supplier of technology services with a focus on comprehensive business solutions. You may now rely on a single solution provider if your business requires new PCs, servers, secure VPN access, website creation, or round-the-clock support. We collaborate with our clients to assist you with all of your technological choices. We are the only IT partner your business will ever require, providing everything from on-site repair calls to immediate help desk support. For additional information and the technology solutions we can tailor for your business, please browse our website. Please allow us to show you how personally committed we are to seeing your company prosper. 847-842-9570


Through managed IT solutions and commercial IT services, Dymin Systems supports small and medium-sized enterprises in the Greater Des Moines area. Consider us to be your brand-new IT department. Network administration, IT support, and specialized corporate IT services are all things that Dymin can do for your company.

Wheelhouse IT

WheelHouse IT is an IT support and Managed Services Provider that offers inventive IT solutions and proactive, enterprise-level Help Desk support to businesses of all kinds, including both non-profit and educational institutions. We are a South Florida-based company that has quickly expanded via acquisitions and success to establish sizable presences in five states, including New York and California.


The experienced, amiable, and highly skilled IT specialists at Xceptional use their technological know-how and strategic direction to link individuals at any time, anywhere. By providing top-notch service and support across the board for cutting-edge information technology, we assist businesses of all sizes in achieving their objectives. We enable our customers to achieve their goals in less time – and with fewer resources — than they had previously thought feasible by providing answers to the technology challenges that modern businesses face.

To accommodate practically any budget, schedule, and set of needs, our team offers remote and on-site managed services. Once you decide to engage with us, we’ll periodically examine your technology and give reports and suggestions for the best business-related solutions.

Protek Utah

With more than 15 years of combined experience providing Utah tech support, Protek is one of the top managed it service companies of Utah. They offer technology solutions to small and medium businesses and among their service offerings are Cybersecurity, Cloud Services, Compliance etc…

Executeh Utah

If you want to improve network stability and mitigate downtime, you definitely need to call Executeh Utah. Executech Utah offer a wide range of service offerings from Remote IT Management, Network Management, Managed Firewall, etc. They have more than 20 years in the market and cover different areas over Utah

SOS Support

SOS Support is an IT company focused on supporting small and medium businesses with their computers, networks, firewalls and all IT issues. SOS Support services range from detecting external threats to optimizing your systems. They also offer a Free Network Assessment to evaluate the current health of your IT systems!


One of the top managed service providers (MSP) and managed security service providers (MSSP) in the country is Locknet Managed IT Services, an EO Johnson firm. They provide a wide range of solutions expertise tailored to match business demands for small and mid-market clients across all industries, and they specialize in strategic cybersecurity. Locknet, built on the promise of keeping Your Network. Safe, has clients and offices all around Minnesota, Wisconsin, and Iowa, and has been offering top-notch technology strategy for businesses for more than 30 years. A variety of managed security and network management services are provided by Locknet, including technology assessments, cloud services, sophisticated managed security, end-user support, server and PC management, private-cloud backup, data center services, and much more.


In case you need, IT Support, Managed Services, Microsoft Consulting, Security, Azure and more. Solzorro is your best option

How do I choose an IT service provider?

5 Reasons for Hiring Managed IT Service Providers

Ensures Flexibility

This is one of the most significant advantages. MSPs typically provide tailored programs to consumers, allowing them to avoid unnecessary charges. They get planned updates, repairs, and replacements.


Quick Access to Expertise

Professional MSPs always provide their clients with professional service. This is critical for their growth while also providing corporate clients with simple and quick access to knowledge.


Reduced IT costs

Managed services can result in cost savings of up to 40%.


Greater Efficiency

Companies who choose managed services saw an increase in overall company efficiency of up to 60%.


Future-proof services

Most MSPs keep up with the latest technology and equipment to be competitive in the market. This assists businesses in centralizing their IT requirements.


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Aspects to consider a Managed Service Provider as good

They always meet compliance and regulatory standards

They should always use cutting-edge technology to offer excellent ROI. And they should accomplish this without compromising customer pleasure, user experience, or productivity while maintaining security, compliance, data, management, and integrity.

regulatory standards

They always evolve

Both service providers and their clients will need to make investments in cutting-edge technology. Then, while collaborating closely with clients, they may employ quick prototyping and advanced analytics to add value, boost productivity, and spark creativity.

digital transformation

They deliver amazing customer experiences

Customers now demand results, not outputs, goes the new adage. They seek quantifiable outcomes. Every customer encounter must be extraordinary. This is valid advice for service providers tasked with giving clients innovative ideas for life. With the appropriate technology, MSPs may collaborate with businesses to provide clients with specialized solutions.

customer experience

We make them earn faster and bigger

To provide scalable, profitable, and sustainable solutions that help clients reach revenue faster than ever before, the ideal service provider should embrace automation, artificial intelligence (AI), and standardization.


How We Can Assist You In Case You Have An Emergency

Disaster Recovery


Data Loss Disasters Come in Many Forms

Data Loss Disasters Come in Many Forms


If we’ve learned anything from the COVID-19 pandemic, it’s that we don’t have it all figured out. Not only are we vulnerable as a species, but so are the systems, processes, and devices we’ve built. Natural and human-made disasters as well as other contingencies can still cause significant damage and bring businesses to a grinding halt.


Now is the time for companies, both big and small, to take steps to ensure business continuity and natural-disaster resilience. In this increasingly digitized world, backup and disaster recovery (BCDR) must be a top priority for businesses because the repercussions of even a single data loss incident could be fatal.


Imagine if you were a health service provider, for example, and you ended up losing all patient data after a fire burned away your on-premises backup device. An incident like that could cause irreparable damage to your business.


In this post, we will break down different types of data loss disasters, how to prepare for them and how to leverage BCDR to meet and maintain regulatory compliance obligations.


The Many Forms Data Loss Can Take


From natural disasters like hurricanes and floods to cybersecurity threats such as malware infections, data loss disasters come in many forms. Let’s analyze each type and learn how to plan and prepare for them.


Natural Disasters


This covers everything from storms, hurricanes and floods to fires, tsunamis and volcano eruptions. In most cases, you can expect infrastructural damages, power failure and mechanical failures, which could then lead to data loss.


Hardware and Software Malfunctioning


Software and hardware failure can cause data loss if you don’t have BCDR measures in place. It could be due to bugs, glitches, configuration errors, programmatic errors, component failures or simply because the device is at its end of life or the software is outdated.


Source9 Threats to Protect Your Business Against


Unforeseen Circumstances


Data loss can happen due to random, unexpected scenarios. For instance, a portable hard disk held by one of the employees could get stolen, your server room may have a water leak because of a plumbing issue or there could even be a pest infestation in one of your data centers.


Human factor


Aberdeen Research found that everyday human errors cause nearly 64% of data loss incidents.[1] These errors range from accidental file deletions and overwriting of existing files, to naming convention errors, forgetting to save or backup data, or spilling liquid on a storage device.




Your business may fall prey to malware, ransomware and virus attacks, which could leave your data and backups corrupt and irrecoverable. Additionally, data loss could be caused by malicious insiders with unauthorized access, which often goes under the radar. A recent study shows that employee action is involved in up to 23% of all electronic crime events.[2]


How to Plan and Prepare for Data Loss Disasters


As you can see, data loss disasters can manifest in a wide variety of ways. The key is to be proactive and plan for these disasters. Don’t wait for disaster to strike. Here are a few tips to help you get started:


  • Perform a business impact analysis and draft a plan on how to recover key functions in the event of a disaster.
  • Define an acceptable Recovery Point Objective and Recovery Time Objective.
  • Set up a business continuity team that will take charge during a disaster.
  • Train your staff in backup management and data recovery.
  • Back up critical business data off-site and on the cloud.
  • Conduct threat analysis and define recovery steps for each threat.
  • Perform frequent security audits and mock drills to review the efficiency of your disaster response.
  • Keep the plan up to date and make sure everyone on the team knows their role.
  • Banking information should be stored in a way that it can be accessed quickly and securely in the event of a disaster.
  • Invest in a robust backup and disaster management solution that is frictionless, secure, offers SaaS data backup and doesn’t require extra hardware or network bandwidth.
  • Make sure you have a remote monitoring tool.
  • Employ waterless fire protection systems, moisture sensors, surge protectors and backup battery systems.


Leverage BCDR to Achieve and Maintain Regulatory Compliance Obligations


Data loss prevention is not the only advantage of taking backup and disaster recovery seriously. Getting a robust BCDR solution that offers constant monitoring of backup activity, advanced threat detection, immutable audit logs, access control requirements, data retention rules, and infrastructure or storage controls will make it much easier for you to meet compliance obligations applicable to your business.


Data loss disasters are inevitable. But you can minimize their impact by making BCDR a critical component of your business continuity and resilience plans. Not sure how to get started? We can help. Contact us to get more information on how to build a reliable disaster recovery plan.

[1] Everyday human errors account for up to 64% of data loss incidents. Employees inevitably delete the wrong email, contacts, or critical configurations. [Source: Aberdeen research]


[2][Source: the CERT Insider Threat Center at Carnegie Mellon University]

Hybrid Cloud Security

hybrid managed services

With Hybrid Managed Services, you get unlimited remote technical support, server management, website hosting, antivirus protection, and much more.

SOS|Support is not just another managed services provider—we’re your partner in IT security. We offer 24/7 monitoring of your servers so that if there’s an issue, we can fix it before it becomes an emergency.

We’ll help you build a custom disaster recovery plan tailored to your business needs and budget. And when you’re ready to scale up or out, we’ll be there with you every step of the way.

Cloud Services


The advantages of Cloud Computing have immensely transformed IT departments and digital value chains over the last few years. Cloud computing is rapidly altering the IT landscape and companies are investing a portion of revenue in upcoming cloud innovations. Without a doubt, cloud technology will skyrocket and will stay for good.

We offer cloud computing support and consulting services. Our expert cloud computing consultants can help you identify the best cloud solutions for your business and then help you implement them into your business, so you can start benefiting from all that cloud computing has to offer.


The Demand for Cloud Computing Consultants in Bountiful

Professionals competent in swiftly and effectively managing the cloud are highly sought-after. Our cloud computing skills are incredibly valuable and we take pride in partnering with businesses for cloud consulting or management. Our consultants have impressive technical experience in working with many 3rd party cloud platforms and solutions.

According to a study, big businesses face $258 million annually due to the lack of cloud expertise. A Managed Service Provider can be a great cloud resource for your growing business-If your business needs to implement or advance its cloud infrastructure consider hiring a Managed Service Provider.

Managed Cybersecurity Services

In 2022, the average number of global cyberattacks increased by 15.1%.

To protect your business in the coming year, it’s important to watch the attack trends. What new methods are hackers using? What types of attacks are increasing in volume? Knowing these things is important. It helps you better update your IT security to mitigate the risk of a data breach or malware infection.

We’ve pulled out the security crystal ball for the upcoming year. And we’ve researched what cybersecurity experts in Utah are expecting. Here are 6 steps we apply to build a cybersecurity program:

Identify all data categories and sensitive data that you keep

Every organization keeps, processes, and sends sensitive data to conduct business, whether it’s consumer payment information, patient health records, personal financial information, or intellectual property. It is our responsibility as a business to preserve it. To do so, we first recognize the kind and type of sensitive data they hold.


Define the location of such information

After determining what sensitive data they have, we establish where it is kept. Is that information stored in spreadsheets or text documents on file sharing, in addition to obvious places like databases? They can’t safeguard sensitive data if they don’t know where it is. It may be hard to safeguard every device (computer, mobile device, etc.) in their businesses. However, we identify sensitive data in their environment and establish controls around the operations that store, process, or transfer it.


Make a list of all the hardware and software components in your network

As basic as this may appear, it is an area where firms are most harmed, including the infamous Equifax incident. When serious vulnerabilities are disclosed, we know which devices in their environment must be updated or patched. Keeping track of their hardware and software components is essential for developing a good cybersecurity program.


Create a strategy for training workers and users on cybersecurity best practices

Cybersecurity is a business issue that necessitates the establishment of a security culture. Finally, the end users who handle sensitive data are responsible for its protection. They may unwittingly put you in danger if they do not know or appreciate their duties for securing sensitive data and working securely with a corporate computer system. To secure your systems and data, we are educated enough to spot and report phishing assaults and baits, as well as be knowledgeable on password management.


For external network access, use multi-factor authentication

Many businesses have staff that has remote access to company technology. In most circumstances, just a password protects access to important systems and data. User-selected passwords are often readily guessed or retrieved by a simple e-mail phishing attempt, according to experience. If multi-factor authentication is not needed for all remote access, an attacker with a password will have a little problem accessing remote services, which usually results in access to sensitive data. Nearly half of the events handled by our forensic and incident response team at LBMC Information Security in the last six months might have been avoided if multi-factor authentication had been installed for systems that provide remote access, particularly email platforms.


Find a reliable partner who can assist you

When it comes to successful cybersecurity, the most typical issues that firms encounter are a lack of time and manpower. Having a third-party undertake penetration testing or risk assessments for your firm is critical for obtaining independent validation that your cybersecurity program is successful and your sensitive data is as safe as possible.

Outsourcing your cybersecurity needs to SOSSupport lets you save time, money, and energy. Contact us today to learn more about our Cybersecurity plans in Utah

We specialize in Cybersecurity solutions for many companies in Utah. SOS helps you respond rapidly to security incidents, minimizes reputational damage due to a data breach, and provides other proactive Cybersecurity solutions that you need


We put the company’s current information security policy to the test, keep your company’s incident response strategy and procedures up to date, and keep an eye on high-risk threat actors

If you want to discuss how to make the most of your Managed services, contact us!

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