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Percentage of cyber attacks caused by phishing


Phishing emails have the capacity to circumvent many of an organization’s cybersecurity protections and wreak havoc on sensitive data and resources. According to PhishMe data, phishing emails are responsible for 91% of successful cyber assaults.

After sending 40 million simulated phishing emails to over 1000 businesses, PhishMe arrived to this result. According to PhishMe’s research, the healthcare industry is particularly vulnerable to phishing assaults, with a phishing email response rate of 31% among healthcare personnel, despite having attended security awareness training.


What percentage of cybersecurity attacks are executed by insiders


By the end of 2021, global security spending will have surpassed $54 billion.
(Data from Statista)

Threat mitigation spending (including tools, software, and training) is expected to exceed $54 billion by the end of 2021. This is an increase of about $23 billion (on average) since 2017.

A substantial percentage of the cash will be used to safeguard cloud technologies, which are main vulnerability drivers and are still relatively new to businesses.

Insider assaults that take a long time to settle cost $6.58 million more than speedy resolutions.

Attacks are growing increasingly complex. Attacks cost businesses a lot of money since data cannot be accessed and enterprises must shut down to counter the threat.

The longer it takes, the higher the cost.


Each year, incidents that take more than 90 days to settle cost an average of $13.7 million. Those that last fewer than 30 days cost $7.12 million on average.

Since 2020, spending on insider threats has climbed by more than 60%.
(From Observe IT)

Investigation and detection are the key spenders on security measures.

Insider threat prevention expenses may soon equal or exceed those of data breaches, owing to the difficulty of catching insiders!

According to Ponemon, careless insider risks account for 62% of data breaches.

Malicious employee behavior can lead to threats from within. That is not always the case, though. Employees occasionally make honest mistakes.


What percentage of companies have Cyber Insurance?

According to a 2018 research from the Software & Information Industry Association, 61% of businesses presently carry some sort of cyber insurance.


What percentage of cyber attacks are successful


Based on the search results, the percentage of successful cyber attacks may vary depending on the type of attack and industry targeted. However, some sources provide specific percentages. For example, according to the Top Cybersecurity Statistics to Know for 2023 by Cobalt, 45% of breaches included hacking and 22% of breaches included errors as causal events 1. Meanwhile, a report by AAG IT Services stated that a successful cyber attack could put around 1 in 10 US organizations out of business entirely 2. It’s important to note that these statistics may change over time and may not be a comprehensive representation of all cyber attacks.

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