The 7 Lessons We Can Learn From Elon Musk

The 7 Lessons We Can Learn From Elon Musk

1. Go beyond known limits: It’s no secret to anyone the efforts Tesla, the company led by Elon Musk, are making to colonize Mars. Although many call him “frivolous and pretentious,” he has turned a deaf ear to those toxic comments and has spared no expense and effort in achieving his mission. Today, Tesla is a world leader in electric vehicles, renewable energy, and soon space exploration. Conclusion: Exceed known limits.

2. Challenge the system: Elon Musk has achieved an environmental revolution. He has challenged the oil industry and auto companies through their disruptive vehicles that operate through electric power. In addition, it is a proponent of actions such as the use of solar energy; this brings with it the collapse of the shares of these companies. Because of this, they have campaigned to discredit Tesla and what it does… However, Elon Musk has shown them with figures that he is on the right track.

3. Keep yourself humble: Elon Musk interacts with his followers through his social media accounts, as well as appears in TV programs, without putting buts. Because he knows that his audience is part of the success that Tesla has had, either because he has bought his products, or because of the publicity they have done to him. Elon is characterized by being a person who, despite his success, is treatable, simple, and willing to talk to anyone.

4. Give what to talk about: Elon Musk always gives something to talk about. As I have said in previous articles, sometimes bad publicity is better than having no advertising at all. Elon has challenged leaders such as Donald Trump, Vladimir Putin, and others on the weakness with which they face the environmental crisis, broken consumption patterns, and rubbed shoulders with thinkers.

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5. Take advantage of discussion forums: Musk uses direct marketing, to give lectures and promote his products. In the forums, he has sown the idea that Tesla is the only one that can really solve the problems of Generation Z, and that it will fix the problems created by the baby boomers. This teaches us that, although forums are not always serious, companies have to make a presentation where the market they want to impact is.

6. In your presentations, always use figures: In an interview with the Norwegian Minister of Transport and Communications, he said that his autopilot has reduced vehicle accidents by up to 50 percent in recent months. In addition, one of the car brands that obtained good dividends in the first half of 2020 is Tesla by obtaining net profits of 16 million dollars in the first quarter of the year, after achieving revenues of 5,985 million dollars, 32 percent more than between January and March 2019.

7. Add a personal touch: Always try to see your followers as a person and not as a company that just wants to sell. Do storytelling, share jokes, involve people in the conversation. To build trust and keep your followers entertained it is imperative to show your most human side.

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