March 2024; My Son got a YES to Prom at Disney… Ubiquiti EdgeRouters at HIGH RISK

Happy March! Spring is in the air, and we are in a leap year. 


Kidman family update


I’m not going to lie. I don’t like Disneyland. I’m not a big fan of 45-minute lines and 3-minute rides. I’m also accused of not having “the Disney magic”…


With that said, our daughter Cambri’s high school Cheer team went to Nationals at Disneyland in February. My wife and the other 3 kids got $99 round-trip flights and made a vacation out of it, while I stayed home and “worked” (they turned into very busy work days unfortunately).


Now – it’s hard not to live to some degree vicariously through your children (the good and the bad). Carter, 17 years old, asked this girl to Prom. Well, she’s on the same cheer team that Cambri is on. And they were both in Disneyland at the same time.


Now imagine getting answered to Prom AT Disneyland in front of everybody! Look at the smile on this face – this is a top 10 most genuine smile I’ve ever seen. And this is an experience Carter will NEVER forget!


I share this to remind myself (and the reader) to keep a perspective on what’s important in life. Some of our clients I have known for literally decades and still remember parenting advice from all those years ago through today.


Cambri’s team took 3rd in Nationals, which is another awesome win! 


Unfortunately, my 49ers lost the Super Bowl, so I was depressed for half of February.


Here’s a picture to share some of the excitement and “the smile”! 

family pictures




On to I.T. for YOUR needs:


Here’s my thoughts for March from your IT partner. Feel free to reach out to our team regarding any concern – simply email to open a support ticket.


Update on China/Beijing cyber-war on the United States


President Biden is set to sign an executive order restricting overseas sharing by data brokers. 


“Targeting data brokers, the order mandates the Department of Justice to start a rulemaking process to restrict the bulk sharing of data, including genomic, biometric, health, geolocation, financial data, and personally identifiable information.” 


We expect this to be an ongoing topic. 


For perspective, this cyber-war specifically has an element of fear, with a 50:1 ratio of bad actors to US anti-cyber-terrorist security experts. 


US Fed Agencies Warn of Exploited Ubiquiti Routers


Ubiquity is a massively popular tech producer, and you MAY recognize the name “Ubiquiti” or “Unifi” – because we have been installing Ubiquiti “gear” for years. Their WIFI systems are the most popular in the world for small businesses. 


We have already started testing another vendor, Access Networks, and may be looking to switch long-term away from Ubiquiti, as the company has been linked to China (although technically it’s a USA-based company). 


What this means for you


For starters, likely nothing, with few exceptions. The primary product that is at major risk is the Ubiquiti EdgeRouter. This news just broke 2 days ago, so we are still in the initial stages of research. 


We are starting an investigation into our clients to see who may still be using these products. We have never recommended Ubiquiti Routers, as we are pretty committed to Sonicwall Firewalls, and consider the Ubiquiti routers a “ProSumer” solution (in other words, it’s just not good enough for business cyber protection).


However, I am aware of a few clients that have Ubiquiti routers. These need to be addressed ASAP. One unknown is if the Ubiquiti Switches (with built-in EdgeRouting capabilities) are or are not affected – as these are more prevalent in our client base. We will include these in our investigation, and verify if they are or are not at risk.


Look for a direct message from us in the event we find any concerns with your equipment. 



REPLAY from Last MONTH about growing our security protocols to support your business:


As your I.T. partner, our standpoint for the past 5+ years has been security first whereas for the first 15 years we were efficiency/security equally balanced. This Security First approach only DEEPENS on the heels of the promises from China that they will become the world’s superpower by leading the way with cyber-terrorism. 


What are we doing:


For this reason and others – SOS Support is altering some of our service offerings. Our Hybrid clients can stay grandfathered into that plan for the time being. However, there is an element of proactive support that every business needs (and the Hybrid plan doesn’t include unless billed hourly rates). This Proactive Support involves keeping applications up to date and monitoring for any, and all Operating System and 3rd Party Application vulnerabilities. 


To accomplish this goal, moving forward we will no longer offer the “Hybrid” plan as it currently sits. This plan will be replaced with our “IT Unleashed Lite” plan which is $50/month per endpoint. This plan includes ALL proactive security remediation of endpoints managed and monitored without question. Any requested “Reactive” I.T. support will simply be billed at the hourly rate – but all proactive security remediation will be included in the plan. 


As of Feb 1st 2024, we will no longer be offering our traditional Hybrid plan which will be replaced with “IT Unleashed Lite.” Also, as of June 1st, 2024, our hourly rate will increase to $175/hr. and the discounted rate will be $155/hr.   


If you are an existing “Hybrid” client ($20/month per system) – you can stay in this until we “End-of-Life” (EOL) the plan. The EOL is not yet determined – but what WILL determine this is the more clients we have that are being affected by a lack of proactive remediation, or the more that refuse proactive remediation. NOTE: Moving forward you will start seeing a waiver on invoices for this plan that we recommend upgrading to IT Unleashed Lite or better.


My big-picture vision is to move all clients from any hourly-based support plan to any of our IT Unleashed plans, with the Lite plan being ONLY Proactive Remediation and the higher tier plan being all-inclusive for every I.T. need (proactive and reactive, onsite and remote).




Mailing Address Change: 

Please send all mail correspondence to the following address and no longer to the Draper PO Box.


SOS Support

1098 W South Jordan Pkwy #106

South Jordan, UT 84095




For the latest cyber-attacks reports, follow these links: 





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