How You Can Land Your First IT Helpdesk Support Job Really Quick

If you are reading this article, you probably have some desire to get into, maybe cyber security, maybe cloud services, maybe, software development, we made this article so that we could share with you what you can actually expect in your first IT job well and it might give you a better idea of what you would actually be doing at a job how do you know if you’re gonna like this job how do you know if you’re cut out for it. First of all, if you don’t have any experience at all, you need to go to YouTube and watch a bunch of videos that give you a road map of steps that you could take to get your first it job, as well as common problems you may face in an IT department and the possible solutions. Also, you can get a plus certification and as soon as that applying to every it job opening that you could find. You should look on ZipRecruiter, LinkedIn.


Reach out everyone


Just spam everyone and say you have an A plus. Say you’ve done home lab and moreover, you need to be persistent and you have to have at least one certification to show that you’re serious. It’s only a matter of time before you find somebody that’s willing to take a chance. Your first position is probably going to be Help Desk IT Support Service.

You would feel a little weird because the first position some of us got was titled network technician but basically you were a glorified help desk now something you probably wouldn’t understand. Some years ago, there were different types of help desk jobs in the sense of you could have been doing corporate I.T support or in-house and that’s where you worked for a specific company, i.e., McDonald’s. You handled IT support for McDonald’s so all the McDonald’s administrators and all the computers that they have and all their switches and all that stuff you support them so that what would have been called corporate in-house I.T support back then. You would have been somebody’s goon from everything from desktop support which is like you know somebody sitting in their cubicle on their computer and help somebody save a Microsoft Word document or configure a printer, or if they’re not connected to the internet or their phone extension is wrong or their name is wrong listed on their phone extension so it could be anything from VoIP phones to wireless access points, help them. to the actual desktop computers themselves and like a little bit of networking it’s like a little bit of everything and this is a really good way to get started because you get introduced to everything if you want to get into it the most the best thing that you can. So in conclusion, you need to know a little bit of everything.


Get as much experience as possible


If you get your first job even if you just have one certification um that can be enough to get in the door and I think once you get into that first job you start getting experience and experience is the most valuable thing that you can have to continue on in this field, so get your first job, even if there would be a lot of times where you’ll feel downside at that job like in-house I.T support.


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Managed Service Providers


If you land a job in a MSP, you have a ton of different clients it’s a lot more fast-paced and a lot more efficient, you’re basically like an I.T Factory like you are cranking through tickets and you want to resolve them as effectively and quickly as possible like the target goal for resolving a ticket is 15 to 30 minutes at the in-house job it was like we would get a ticket and sometimes we wouldn’t even touch it for a day or two and MSP is a lot faster paced and I think the expectations are quite a bit higher and they work you quite a bit harder. The advantage of that is you will learn a lot, so you know being under higher pressure causes you to be able to learn and grow faster. You will have opportunities for growth or like to move up within that company and you’re going to get exposed to new technologies and they are going to take chances on you with handling different systems and trying out different things with in-house I.T support you might only have this limited range of technologies that that company is using right and you’re only going to get exposed to those whereas if you’re at an MSP there’s a bunch of different companies there could be 20 30 a thousand different companies that you’re supporting and they’re all going to have a different setup you know they’re all going to have a different technologies that they’re using and a lot of it might depend on the MSP, and how you set them up but they may have some pre-existing systems or things when they come on and you might get exposed to a lot more


whereas at the MSP it was like Hey get the certification you need you need to have this within the first year and we’ll pay for it that hopefully gives you a picture of like corporate in-house I.T support versus an MSP right and what to expect from your first job um from there from your first job you start to find out what you’re interested in you start to talk to talk to people from higher levels and hopefully you’ll find something that you really like and you can start to specify on that start to narrow down and specialize and upskill yourself.


Differences between Managed Service Providers and Corporations


In the corporate environment you will be given freedom to just like figure it out and the most important thing to your future boss is, if I give you a problem I don’t want you to come back until you have solved it if you have legitimate well thought out intelligent questions you can ask me questions about it but fix the problem and I could work on it for hours and all he cared about was that I got it done at the MSP it was a totally different culture it was like if you have worked on this problem for 15 or 30 minutes and you can’t figure it out or you don’t have a plan of a resolution escalate immediately because you can’t be wasting time on this ticket when there’s six other tickets that have come in since you started that one then and you can solve those escalate this to the level two guy or the level three guy and work on these other tickets that you can fix so that’s all also a good thing to keep in mind. Time is time and time is so valuable and know when to escalate.


Understand the culture of your future company


Overall, understanding the culture of a company allows you to make informed decisions, adapt to the work environment, collaborate effectively, and prioritize your personal and professional growth. It is an essential aspect to consider when evaluating potential job opportunities or seeking long-term career success within an organization. Company culture plays a significant role in shaping career growth and development opportunities. Some organizations prioritize employee growth and provide training, mentorship, and advancement opportunities. By understanding the company’s culture, you can assess the level of support and opportunities available for your professional development and make informed decisions about your career path.


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