How Can I Make My Chrome Browser Work Faster

How Can I Make My Chrome Browser Work Faster

You may wonder: My Chrome browser started running very slowly. Restarting it didn’t help. How can I fix it?

It’s always the extensions.


Others will suggest that you clean the cache, restart the browser, or close a few tabs… All of this is true, but it rarely gets to the source of the problem. If you’re suffering serious Chrome issues, it’s almost certainly because you installed a terrible extension.


Don’t worry, you’re not alone; it’s a frequent problem, and it’s understandable. The Chrome Web Store is full of unnecessary extensions, with the occasional gold nugget thrown in for good measure. There are even some gems.


Go to chrome://extensions


Remove EVERY EXTENSION that isn’t a Google extension. Here, be extremely wary and fast to act. There’s nothing wrong with going all-out nuclear. Remove ALL applications and extensions; it won’t harm you in the least. The point is, if it wasn’t published by Google, get rid of it! It’s simple to get your extensions back; simply return to Google Chrome Web Store. That’s how you got yourself into this mess in the first place.


Get rid of buying add-ons and coupon items in particular… They’re all terrible. Yes, all of them. Anything that purports to “assist” you in your search or alters your default homepage? There are also baddies.


Now use Chrome without any extensions for a bit. Is the issue no longer an issue? Isn’t it nice when things go as planned?


Now, one by one, start reinstalling addons that you really enjoy. Please keep in mind that this is an area where vigilance pays well. Slow down. Patience is required. After you’ve added each one, surf with Chrome for a time.


Congratulations if the problem reappears. You’ve figured out who the bad guy is.


Get rid of it. 🙂


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