Do's and Don'ts of the IT Industry

Do’s and Don’ts of the IT Industry

Do’s :

1. Send your work status regularly (better to send daily)  and keep relavent people in CC.

2. Before starting the coding work make a design diagram of how you plan to do it  (it can be a rough sketch). This will help in keeping the thinking clear while coding  and avoid rework and also reduce the time
it will take to code.

3. Keep learning new skills. Apart from thinking in terms of just completing and delivering the work given to you,  also think about what you have learnt in the process.

4. Plan your sprint. Plan what you can accomplish during day 1 of the Sprint, what on day 2 and so on.

5. Be direct and clear in your communication. Keep things in email.

6. When communicating with your superiors be polite, direct and clear.

7. Keep a TODO list for the day (in excel or something) and keep work items arranged by order or priority. At the end of the day tick the items completed and remove them.

8.Try to work faster so that you have spare time left in the week for mentoring juniors and any adhoc things that come up.


1. Never wait to be asked the status of work given to you. Rather you yourself send daily update before even being asked.

2. Do not commit more than what you can deliver in that much time.

3. Never argue with you boss. His ego may get hurt and you will lose in the long run.

4. Talk about your personal life to team members and manager.Keep it professional and talk only about work.

5.Never indulge in politics. Keep focus only  on work.

6. If your manager scolds you never take it personally. Out of his talk, just think about the message he is trying to give related to work and keep focus only on the work.

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