Do Smart TVs need Antivirus

Except for Android TVs, most Smart TVs do not execute arbitrary code; instead, they only run software certified by the vendor.


It’s not impossible that someone could use some kind of hack using a vulnerability in the HTML engine or media player, but it would be a difficult exploit and you would have to get users to actually execute the attack which is hard. At the expense of putting it on the line. It would be more like a Trojan assault than a virus, which spreads with little or no human interaction.


When the TV is switched off, the virus/Trojan is likely to be deleted because the main executable component of most TV devices is kept read-only until an update is required.


We don’t see many attacks against smart TVs since they are tough to carry out and produce poor results. Remember that, unlike Windows, the sheer number of platforms and software versions available makes any assault a very modest target.


They certainly can get viruses, but smart TV’s don’t need any antivirus.

They haven’t been heavily targeted by virus writers yet, but there’s little doubt they’ll be vulnerable.

Same with all the Alexa, Siri etc. devices lying around your household.




Just be careful with the apps you download on your Smart TV, and don’t browse any website before checking


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