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Computer Repair in Utah

Is Computer Repair Still Profitable

You need to consider that sometimes reparation works are more expensive than new laptops, so, sometimes, (feelings aside) we need to be honest and recognize and ask ourselves: Is it better to invest on this old laptop or buy a new one instead?


An honest Computer Repair service company will clarify you that and avoid spending unnecessary amounts of money on lost causes


Signals Computer Repair is still a feasible option


Computer pieces are easy to find on Amazon, Ebay, etc

The laptop/PC is still on the market

There are plenty of IT technicians out there whose level of expertise gives you peace-of-mind and tranquility


When Computer is not turning on

How to Repair a Computer That Turns On But Doesn’t Display Anything
Try the following common fixes in the order listed:

Put your monitor to the test.

Check that your display is operating correctly before moving on to more difficult and time-consuming troubleshooting with the rest of your computer.

Turn the display on and off while it is unplugged from your computer

If the display displays any diagnostic information, you know it is switched up and ready to display content.

Check to see whether your computer has completely rebooted and is starting up from a completely turned off condition.

If you need assistance, look up how to restart your computer.

A computer may appear to “not be on” when it is just having trouble restarting from either the Standby/Sleep or Sleep/Hibernate power-saving modes


If you get a beep code, try to figure out what’s causing it.


A beep code will tell you exactly where to check for the cause of your machine shutting down.

Clear the CMOS memory.

Clearing the BIOS memory on your motherboard resets the BIOS settings to factory defaults. A BIOS misconfiguration might be the cause of your PC not booting completely.

If clearing the CMOS solves your problem, make sure any BIOS modifications you make are done one at a time so that if the problem returns, you’ll know which change caused it.

Check that the power supply voltage switch is properly set. If the power supply’s input voltage is incorrect,


Reinstall everything possible within your computer.

PC motherboard skeeze via Pixabay
Reseating your computer will reconnect the different connections within it and is frequently a “magic” solution to situations like this one.

Check that all of the wires are properly attached.

If the onboard video card is deactivated, for example, putting a VGA connection into it will result in nothing on the display even if the computer is turned on. In this situation, connect the VGA wire to the appropriate visual card.

Try reseating the following components and seeing whether your computer shows anything:

All internal data and power wires must be reseated.
Reinstall the memory modules.
Replace any expansion cards that have been removed.
Only reinstall the CPU if you believe it has failed.


Only reinstall the CPU if you feel it has become loose or was not correctly installed.


We treat this component individually mainly because the likelihood of a CPU becoming loose is very low and installing one is a delicate process.

Examine your computer for symptoms of electrical shorts.

If you locate them, you’ll need to look into what caused the electrical shorts.

Check the power supply. The fact that your computer’s fans and lights are operational does not imply that the power source is operational. The power supply unit (PSU) causes more difficulties than any other piece of hardware and is frequently the reason of a computer’s components working selectively or infrequently.

If your power supply fails, replace it right away.



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