Chinese hackers are preparing to bring devastation to the United States.

On Wednesday, FBI Director Christopher Wray talked with Americans about a serious double threat, offering a textbook example of how he leveraged his power and position to draw attention.

His chilling warning about China’s ability to “wreak havoc” on US infrastructure and directly harm Americans sheds new light on America’s new superpower foe’s ambitions and helps contextualize the fragile relations between Washington and Beijing, which are already emerging as a campaign issue in 2024.

According to analysts, Wray’s shocking assessment of the vulnerabilities of the systems that support daily life highlighted a growing concern: the interconnected nature of modern transportation, power, and energy networks, which could mean that a future cyberattack on a single node could cripple the entire country.

“In particular led by the CCP the CCP’s dangerous actions China’s multi-pronged assault on our national and economic security make it the defining threat of Our Generation now when I described the CCP as a threat to American safety a moment ago I meant that quite literally there has been far too little public focus on the fact that PRC hackers are targeting our critical infrastructure our water treatment plants our electrical grid our oil and natural gas pipelines our transportation



FBI Director Christopher Wray has warned American people about the imminent threat that the Chinese Communist Party poses to various American enterprises and the general population.

“They’re not focused just on political and Military targets we can see from where they position themselves across civilian infrastructure that low blows aren’t just a possibility in the event of a conflict low blows against civilians are part of China’s plan”

Rick Geddes, director of Cornell University’s Infrastructure Policy Program, was astounded by the “clarity and intensity of Wray’s statements regarding this threat and how much more resources the Chinese Communist Party is putting into it relative to the United States.” He said that, despite his severe rhetoric, Wray may have understated the gravity of a scenario that raises “a lot of warning signals regarding the potential threats to our critical infrastructure.”

During congressional testimony, the FBI director presented a striking public image of China, its Communist Party (CCP) officials, and expansive intelligence agencies’ capacity to target America’s way of life with a hacking campaign greater than all other countries combined. It increases the possibility that any battle over Taiwan or territorial claims in the South China Sea that involves the United States may spread well beyond its roots on the other side of the planet. It also reflects Xi Jinping’s China’s ambition and aggression, since it perceives American efforts to force it to conform to the existing US rules-based system as an assault on its legal authority.


Prior to the hearing, Wray announced that the bureau and its partners had shut down an operation by Volt Typhoon, a state-sponsored Chinese hacking group that used malware to penetrate communications, energy transport, and water sectors, and he urged Congress to assist in disrupting future violations of US systems that could have disastrous consequences for daily life and the economy.

According to Geddes, a “quiet infrastructure revolution” has happened in the United States, powered by small start-up enterprises whose innovations are being adopted nationwide.

“The policy problem is that there is a lack of understanding about how this unites disparate sectors of infrastructure that were independent prior to technological advancement and would have been regarded distinct. “They’re becoming more interdependent,” he affirmed.


According to Geddes, this exposes several networks to a single attack. For example, the increasing use of electric vehicles may indicate that a successful hack of the electrical grid may bring large portions of the transportation system to a halt, perhaps with disastrous effects.

We ask our valued consumers to take action on this problem, and be aware of the current Chinese foreign threats that are circulating across the internet.

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