Avoid A Data Breach with a Multi Cloud Environment

Don’t put off updating your security strategy until your perimeter defenses are no longer effective against cyberattacks. Beyond prevention, you must have rapid data breach detection and cleanup to reduce the amount of time attackers spend in your environment and the damage they may inflict.

Detection of Security Breach

It is critical to actively seek for hazards in order to keep your company safe. To detect threats, you need a staff that monitors and maintains your environment 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, utilizing modern technology and analytics.


Window Breach Minimization

Time is the most valuable resource for a threat. As a result, your security strategy must include a plan for shutting the breach window as soon as possible – the longer you are vulnerable, the more damage you are prone to.

Remediation of Threats

Managed service providers in our portfolio not only warn you of a breach, but also act on anomalous occurrences on your behalf quickly, depending on pre-approved actions.

TCO reduction

You may assist assure the security of your environment while lowering your TCO by utilizing a Managed Service Provider with the capabilities and knowledge to identify and respond to security incidents on your behalf.
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Banking Sector

We are here to assist regional banks in their transition to the cloud.

We understand your worries about security, control, and compliance. Every day, we collaborate with financial institutions of all sizes to create solutions that solve their business and regulatory requirements while harnessing the power of the cloud to gain a competitive advantage.

Whether your company specialized in investing, banking, accounting, or other financial services, you can rely on our industry specialists. We’ve already assisted several of your coworkers and competitors:

• Protect their infrastructure

• Safeguard their data and apps
• Maintain compliance while embracing cloud agility


We’ll continue to give continuous assistance and operational support once you’ve made the switch, so you can focus on providing financial services to your consumers.
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Fully Managed Hosting

Encrypted Storage

Managed Public Cloud

Managed Security Services

Privacy and Data Protection

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According to Ponemon’s annual benchmarking study, the costs of security breaches have increased 10 percent since 2022, reaching $4.35 million per occurrence in 2022. Furthermore, when it comes to the consequences of breaches, such as the cost per record lost, Ponemon claims that the gap is growing between businesses that are unprepared and those that have implemented policies and practices such as incident response plans, encryption, and staff training.
Ponemon gathers both direct and indirect expenses, as well as opportunity costs, to compute the average cost of a data breach, as follows:

Direct cost

The direct expense incurred to carry out a certain action, such as hiring forensic specialists, outsourcing hotline help, and offering free credit monitoring subscriptions and discounts on future products and services.

Indirect cost

The amount of time, effort, and other organizational resources expended following a breach, such as internal investigations and communications. The estimated value of client loss due to turnover is also included in this category.

Opportunity cost

The cost of missed business prospects as a result of bad reputational consequences once the breach has been disclosed to victims and made public by the media.
According to Deloitte Advisory research from 2016, the costs of a cybersecurity breach may be larger than most data suggest, as the losses might accumulate for several years after the initial occurrence. The company identified 14 cyberattack effect elements, seven of which it believes are hidden beneath the surface and account for 95% of the financial damage. (See “14 Business Impacts of a Cyberattack” graphic).

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