Apple’s 3 Biggest Mistakes


Apple used to be synonymous with cutting-edge design and the finest usability. They now use a function-follows-form strategy. Their preoccupation with making things thinner began with the elimination of the CD ROM and has progressed to the removal of important features such as MagSafe on MBs and the headphone jack on iPhones. To seem better, they make life more complicated and usability worse.


Apple used to be the innovation powerhouse. They don’t actually innovate anymore! They only do enough to stay relevant. They are no longer in charge. They are following. And not even their old copy but improve its approach. But only copy!

Quality and dependability

Quality and dependability were always among Apple’s top attributes. The gadgets just functioned. There is no hassle. There are no drivers. There are no issues.

That is no longer the case. The newest MBP has a slew of issues. Bluetooth is not working. Bluetooth audio cuts off on occasion. Electrifying people at random. MagSafe was no longer included with the latest Mac. They also don’t arrive with a charger extension cable. And, without a slew of adapters, has no usable ports. Running both older and modern Macs at the same time helps us realize how much went wrong.

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