7 Movies About IT and Technology

7 Movies About IT and Technology

Discover these 7 movies about IT and technology:


Ex Machina

AI isn’t a new concept in cinema, but this recent Oscar-nominated movie has solidified itself as one of the best. It essentially warns of the not-so-distant day when robots become indistinguishable from us and the ethical implications that arise from that. Ex Machina questions how far innovation should be pursued and the morality of playing God. As corporations rush to develop better AI in real life, these are all issues that need to be given thought before the tech is unleashed on our world.




Nowadays with the IoT (Internet of Things) even your own house is at risk of been hacked. So, whatever smart technology you use or fingerprint PIN codes, try to secure everything with a trustworthy 2-step authentication, strong passwords… Even insurance!. Everything that happened in this movie starred by Pierce Brosnan, isn’t far from reality and in years ahead there will be many newspapers headlines about crimes like this.



Although 26 years has passed since this movie premier, it’s still relevant. This movie teaches us why shielding our employees from cybercriminals should be your top priority.

So, develop a strict usage policy and follow other recommended practices to make your team’s devices virtually impervious to data theft.


The Social Network

It explores the power of new tech and new inventions; the power of social media – even in its infancy – and how that power changes people. It’s an interesting juxtaposition to watch this and then see where Facebook is now: from a dorm room website rating the attractiveness of college kids, to a marketing Goliath accused of influencing the 2016 U.S. Presidential election. It’s been a turbulent 17 years for Facebook, to say the least.


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The Martian


It’s one of the few movies that showcase all the good technology can do and how it, with human guidance, can save lives even in the most unforgiving of places. They still need humans to keep the machines and programs running and safe, so, that’s why efforts must be done in order to assure humans are well-trained and aware of the current risks company are under.


The Imitation Game

If you want to know about the father of Artificial Intelligence and theoritical computer science than watch “The Imitation Game” movie. This movie is about the life story of Alan Turing.

In this movie you will be able to know how Alan Turing cracked Hitler’s Enigma Code and helped to stop World War 2.


Hidden Figures

Hidden Figures is not just about technology, but also about female empowerment and believing in yourself. These women play an integral role in the development of American aviation and space technology. They persevere in the face of discrimination against both their race and their gender.

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