7 Differences Between The Metaverse And The Internet

7 Differences Between The Metaverse And The Internet

Mark Zuckerberg has invested 2 billion dollars in Oculus, a virtual reality platform he acquired in 2014, and currently the vast majority of his employees are working on developing virtual worlds as realistic as possible that can be enjoyed by all those subscribed. However, Instagram, which was acquired in 2014 for $1 billion, has received 10 times more profit. Why is this due? Here we will explain it to you

Let’s understand virtual reality, not as the beginning of something, but as the result of something instead: Computers have evolved from the gigantic computers used by large corporations in the 50’s, then the personal computers that brought the internet into homes in the 90’s, to cell phones that brought the internet to the palm of your hand in the first decade of the new millennia. Experts say that virtual reality will be a similar process to the one we experienced when smartphones first appeared.

Now we will discuss how the metaverse will be different from the common internet:

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Persistent: First of all, it will be persistent, because it will never reset, nor pause nor end.

Live: The modern internet is built on asynchronous programming, which means that you can access all the content of the web pages as many times as you want. As for the metaverse, everything will be designed to be live by default

Digital + physical experience: Microsoft through Azure is already helping companies build digital twins, which represent physical infrastructures in virtual spaces. You can emulate any physical space, or place with Azure IoT and fix any faults from anywhere in the world where you are, and prevent future failures. And build autonomous systems that constantly improve processes.

There will be no limited capacity: Many current games limit the capacity to 100 people, however, with the Metaverse the capacity will be unlimited

In addition, there will be other factors that will make it different such as, for example, the interconnectivity between different platforms, economic transferability, and user-generated content, the latter consists of, no company will be able to produce enough content to satisfy everyone. Roblox and Minecraft have achieved success because the same community helps them creating content.

However, this process will not happen overnight. Recall that although electric power was invented at the end of the nineteenth century, it was not until 40 years later that it was implemented in trains, that is, 40 years passed in which trains were still steam. However, when electricity was used on a large scale, companies like Ford managed to reduce a vehicle’s assembly time from 12 hours to just 93 minutes. This was achieved because electricity was available throughout the plant.

In conclusion, the metaverse will not only be a simple idea, it will be the synthesis of thousands of technological trends, as happened with the iPhone. Within a few years, we will be able to point to Oculus, Fortnite, and Ethereum as the true beginners of the multiverse. True, there is still much to be done, such as improving the Internet connection in the world, reducing the gap among others, but the metaverse is the beginning of an Internet revolution, which no one is going to stop.

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