5 Most Common Windows Clichés

5 Most Common Windows Clichés

Updates are bad


If your system is damaged by an update, you need to check if the update was installed correctly or if there is an error in Windows or, as a last resort, close the disk. But it doesn’t mean that all the updates that Windows brings out are bad. You’d also have to check if your computer’s processor can support the new updates because if the capacity is less, we recommend leaving the version of Windows you currently own.


All cloud services are bad


Many do not trust cloud services, but the internal storage of the PC. Cloud services are good tools anyone can make the most out of them. Cloud services allow you to store and access information on the Internet, usually through third-party services. This covers everything, such as One Drive or Microsoft Azure Windows, billing applications, CRM, among others.


Security certificates do not expire


You should check when the security certificates expire and update them. Security certificates are an additional measure of trust for people who visit and make transactions on the website they visit, in addition to allowing you to encrypt the data between the client’s computer and the server that represents the page, thus achieving a backup of the information and the transaction.


I should always install the latest Windows


Windows 10 consumes a lot of resources, so it is not always advisable to install it. You need to evaluate if your processor has enough capacity to support it, and in some cases, it’s better to stick with the 7.


You don’t need to create a Microsoft account to use Windows programs


In the latest versions of Windows, you must create an account to access all services.

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