5 ways we can make you save money

5 ways we can make you save money

WHOA!… It’s been one year and a half, since the global pandemic that shook our world, started. We never thought we will have been changing our daily routine, our working practices nor our mentality. But… We did! And with all the changes, we refer to the IT infrastructure too… Those who were accustomed to working in an office, equipped with cutting-edge technology, went to their bedrooms, cuddling their favorite pillow, waiting for their clients to send them tickets. In case they needed some resources, they would have to go to the cloud and see what they can find.

Nobody says it’s been easy, but, as we say in SOS Support, someone needs to do it!. Given that most people are working from home, it is important to spend wisely as we are yet unclear as to what the future might hold for the workplaces.

People usually spend a lot of money on their IT hardware by going for new units and then ending up with a big hole in their pockets. But with these 5 ways in which SOS Support can make you save money, you’ll save as much as possible!

1. We can refurbish hardware, which is essentially going to serve the same purpose but at a much lower cost:

In fact, depending on what you’re purchasing, prices can be up to 90% less than new. In SOS Support we help you get the same great quality you would expect from new equipment, at a fraction of the price, so, you will save substantially more money as if you buy a new one. That’s worth taking a chance at us. We will examine your second-hand equipment, and leave it as if it just has left the store. The only real difference in buying refurbished networking equipment is that it’s perhaps one generation or level back from the newest model. Think of it as buying a car that’s a year old. It still drives great, still has most, if not all of the features you’re looking for, it’s still safe and reliable, but it’s far less expensive than the current year’s model. Money matters but quality too.

2) We get proper cloud consulting:

With our solutions, we will help your business in a lot more ways to cost-saving in cloud hosting and also enable your organization to operate efficiently, so you can gain more revenues. Also, In SOS Support, we offer a 100% FREE ASSESSMENT, where a member of our staff will contact you and book an appointment, where all your systems will be analyzed and a clear diagnosis will be shared with you.

3) We Optimize costs:

There are many ways to optimize IT costs. In SOS Support we leverage the right technology in the right places, share services, budget correctly, and ensure end-user computing is streamlined will all the “cutting the budget thing” that your IT infrastructure needs. These methods will lead to less bandwidth for services, less maintenance, and training time for the IT department, and fewer issues with overspending due to poor budgeting. For example, we can create a shared-service organization for some or all IT services, Re-examine how end-user computing is delivered, or maybe Improve procurement and sourcing capabilities

4) We understand current technology:

Spending a few dollars with a company that deals with technology daily could save you thousands in the end. The marketplace is full of failed partial attempts at implementing cheaper technology. In SOS Support, we can find a solution that is just right for you, even though we typically know about deals that the consumer wouldn’t be aware of.

5) We carefully designed different plans for every client:

In SOS Support we have different plans, adapted to each need , also, we offer you a solid view of the expense-level detail, such as expense accounts, and we explain carefully about the procedures we’re going to implement. When billing is set, we explain to you what we charge and why. Transparency is key for us.