5 things to do in case you’re getting hacked


Shut down the system:

By shutting down your company system, you’re preventing further damage. You can move to an isolated network and then turn it off. This is the first thing you must do, because, if you’re running e-commerce or a bank platform, shutting down will prevent further stealing of clients’ data. Some people wait for authorization from above, but in the meantime, further damage can be caused, so the best is to simply act.

Restore it:

The hack happened and now you wish to go back to the way things were. You want to get rid of all traces of the incident. Restoring a backup is the way to go. The backup will restore your data and software from the exact point before the hacking occurred. Cleaning the site also works if the admins are confident in leaving the data as is.

Get ready to diagnose:

In the case of big company systems, you need to diagnose the source of hacking. Malware, viruses carried and installed by a pen drive device, or viruses created by foreign programmers are some of the most common diagnoses of hacking in enterprises. SOS Support will establish a protocol for detecting the origin of the situation, so we will discover who is/are implied on the hacking and proceed to establish a mechanism to monitor and protect your website… But first!

Notify your customers:

Notify what happened. The more transparent you are, the more credibility and empathy people will feel towards you. If you hide the event or are reluctant to tell those affected, it could damage and even end the relationship between customers and others affected.

Call to action:

You need to ask yourself: How do I ensure that I’ll never be hacked again? Implementing systems that will monitor your website, and mechanisms to warn you in case you’re being hacked are the primordial measures. For example, in SOS Support we offer the best security systems and a highly qualified team who offers 24/7 assistance, to our clients. Besides, in case you’re just discovering us, we offer a 100% FREE ASSESSMENT, so one of our team members will contact you and assess your systems.

To obtain your 100% FREE ASSESSMENT just write the following information and we will contact you as soon as possible!

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