5 Most Important Aspects of VoIP Business Phone System

5 Most Important Aspects of VoIP Business Phone System

Having the right phone system for your business is mandatory. An excellent phone system can give you features that help you go further ahead from your competitors. It does not only help you close more deals, it also helps you maintain good relationships with customers.

Especially in the MSP sector, where customer relationship management (CRM) is so important, and assuring every need is satisfied is the backbone of every IT company

We’re going to share our criteria in choosing a VoIP phone system:

1. Ease-of-set-up and use
Installing and implementing a new phone system can lead to problems and issues. Find a VoIP phone system that you can set-up and use easily. If you’re planning to use it for a long time, you want a system that can be adopted quickly by users.

2. Mobile access
Today, a lot of users are required to travel or go offsite. Starting from this premise, before choosing a VoIP phone system, you need to ask: Does the VoIP provider have an app that you can access through mobile?. Having a VoIP provider that has complete mobile features is a must, in case you travel to another city, or even to another country, you have to count on a VoIP system that lends you responsive access and immediate assistance through your cellphone, in case something shut off.

3. Third-party integrations
Most likely, you are currently using other solutions or software. Keep this in mind as it is important to choose a VoIP phone system that works well with your existing solutions. Third-party software like CTIs enhance the VoIP capabilities.

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4. Saving costs: Previously, calling abroad was so expensive, that we prayed before the billing arrived. Nowadays with a VoIP system, you pay a monthly fee, and have the possibility of calling different countries.

A CTI like Tenfold, for example, integrates phone systems with CRMs. Some of its features like click-to-dial, automatic call logging, and a floating UI (screen pop) increases the effectivity of a VoIP phone system.

5. Multichannel support
If you encounter problems installing or using your phone system, you cannot only rely on your IT team. Choose VoIP provider that offers multichannel (phone, email, and live chat) customer support, 24/7.
If you consider these things, then you’ll have a better chance of choosing the best VoIP system for your business.

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