4 New Inventions Around Sustainable Energy

4 New Inventions Around Sustainable Energy

Sustainable energy products can improve organizational processes, while contributing to reducing carbon dioxide emissions into the planet’s atmosphere. These products are expected to lower their prices over time, as supply increases, making them more accessible to people around the world.

As people who work in the IT industry, we always look for better capacity equipment, but also, we seek eco-friendly ones, to guarantee a clean planet to future generations.

Here we present, 4 innovative products made to generate sustainable energy

Photovoltaic Street Lights

Using photovoltaic streetlights provides a reduced reliance on fossil fuels as the power is self-contained and brought daily by the sun. This impact initially decreases emissions into our atmosphere. Besides, a much-forgotten aspect is the lower installation requirements. Since the poles are set with no underground trenching, less heavy equipment is required to complete even the largest installation.

Cellphone chargers

You have plenty of cellphone chargers in the market, you need to evaluate the prize and the duration of the charge in case you’re planning to acquire one of these.

For example, you have the

Anker PowerPort

The Anker PowerPort delivers 21 Watts, however under real-world conditions, your average will vary depending on the sunlight. It can reliably provide a full charge for a tablet or up to two smartphones.
There is a small bag for storing your iPhone or Android phone while charging, but it won’t hold a tablet or many additional cables. When opened, it measures 26.4 x 11.1 x 0.2 inches, and there are stainless steel eye holes to easily attach it to almost anything.
Anker uses a fast charging technology called PowerIQ. The solar panel adjusts the amperage automatically to match your device, allowing the fastest charge possible under safe conditions.

Goal Zero Guide 10 Plus

This Solar Charging Kit by Goal Zero consists of two products, the Venture battery pack and the Nomad 7 solar panel. The kit is ideal for charging an iPhone, cameras, tablets while harnessing solar power in rough conditions.
The battery pack has a capacity of 2300mAh, while the solar output of the panel is 7W. With a weather rating of IPX6, the kit is able to withstand heavy rain, making it our most durable, rugged and weatherproof solar charger.
The Goal Zero Guide 10 Plus Recharging Kit is waterproof while in use without the need for rubber plugs. You can charge one tablet or two to three phones at a time.

BigBlue 5V 28W Solar Charger

One of the best-selling solar chargers on Amazon is also the smartest, with the BigBlue 5V 28W Solar Charger boasting a built-in digital ammeter to provide information about amperage for charging speed, and a voltage regulator that offers stable power output for safer charging. In a field full of simple devices, these smarter touches make the BigBlue a great choice for those who want something a bit more sophisticated. Thanks to IPX4 water resistance, it will also survive the unexpected rain shower or errant sprinkler.

Graphene batteries for cars:

Skeleton Technologies, the global leader in graphene-based ultracapacitor energy storage, has partnered with the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology, one of the largest research and educational institutions in Germany, to complete the development of the SuperBattery, a groundbreaking graphene battery with a 15-second charging time.

The key differentiator for the SuperBattery is Skeleton’s patented Curved Graphene carbon material, enabling the high power and long lifetime of ultracapacitors to be applied in a graphene battery. Ultracapacitors are increasingly emerging as the ideal complementary technology to lithium-ion batteries, as also shown by Tesla’s acquisition of ultracapacitor manufacturer Maxwell Technologies in the hopes of improving batteries used in Tesla’s electric vehicles.

The development of Curved Graphene has been supported by EIT InnoEnergy, the innovation engine for sustainable energy across Europe which is also the first backer of Northvolt, the Swedish battery manufacturer.

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