3 Ways To Transform Your Quarterly Business Review From Boring To Brilliant

3 Ways To Transform Your Quarterly Business Review From Boring To Brilliant

You can call it “Quarterly Strategy Session” Just from a re-branding perspective, if you can call it from some way aside from Quarterly Business Review, you’re going to catch the attention and excitement from your employees. After that, the first thing will really need to adopt inside of this, or highlight is the actions taken and the business ROI delivered. Maybe, most of the times, employees step out of the QBR with a to-do list that doesn’t even belong to their department, so, you better project a Quarterly Strategy Session that adds value to every department. So, also, shows which strategy from previous QSS was accomplished, and what’s next, or what stages are completed.


Introduce an “X” Score: You have to highlight the certain things you’re good at, and check if they cover the criteria you set before, you also want to highlight the benchmark for that score. That means comparing yourself with someone who’s been more time in the company, or your competitors standards. And last, but not least, you’d want to highlight the opportunities presented in the environment. Sharing with your employees and Score can help them feel motivated and set accountable goals. If necessary, you can take corrective actions or congratulate instead.


If you’re in that stage trying to build out the strategy, you should then have a roadmap slide, so, once you showed them how well you did in certain areas, and his/her score, then you have to put the cherry on top with saying “hey, here’s where we’re going, here’s the bigger opportunities that are coming down in the roadmap, here’s even more stuff that we’re going be bringing to you.” This reinforces the fact that not only you’re working hard to make sure they’re successful and this opportunity is already on the plate


If you do these things, people will love their QBP!

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