15 Computer Tips And Tricks Everyone Should Know

15 Computer Tips And Tricks Everyone Should Know

1) Right Click Dragging: You just click and hold with a right-click, just as you would with a left click and move it into another folder instead of moving it right away, it will actually bring up a context menu with a few options, whether you want to copy, move or create a shortcut. This will be a lot easier than having to right-click every file doing copy and paste

2) Text Selection Options: You can double click, and on the second click you start dragging and it will select text by the word instead of just by the character. Also, you can actually triple click and it will select by the entire paragraph. Triple clicking will make it a lot easier to select individual paragraph without having to get it exact with the character level, also, on top of that, if you hold down Alt + Start  the select text, it will allow you to select vertical sections. Note this trick doesn’t work on Google Chrome

3) Chrome In-Site Search: If you want to search within a specific site, you can actually go into the address bar type the name of the website like facebook.com and instead of pressing enter, if you press tab it will allow you to enter a query that will only search within that site. You can do it right in Chrome, and it’s just as simple as typing in an address bar

4) Ctrl + Shift + T: If you delete a tab accidentally, you can restore it through this easy command. Even if you close a program then open it up again and press it. If our computer crashes or you accidentally close the whole program. NOTE: This will not work in Incognito mode.

5) Loop YouTube videos: All you have to do is right-click on the video and hit loop. If it doesn’t show up in the drop-down for example if you’re not using HTML5 or something like that if you right-click twice without the cursor it will bring up the normal context menu you’re used to, instead of the custom Youtube one and there will also be another option to loop it that way.

6) Change Website Content: It will allow you to edit any web page to say whatever you want so you can mess with friends or create fake screenshots or whatever you want and all you have to do is right-click in Google Chrome and hit “Inspect” or you can press F12 to bring up the same menu and then go to the console in chrome and type in the following command “ Document.designMode = ‘on’ ”. This will put the page into Designer mode which means you can highlight and type in new text and change it, just like you would a word document.

7) Windows + Tap: If you press Windows + Tap it brings up like a view and it could give you a insight of all your current windows, to manage them.

8) Easy Command Line Path: If you ever have to run a command with a command prompt in a specific folder, you usually have to use the CD, change directory command and type in the hole location or you have to right-click in the folder the open command prompt here. In Windows Explore all you have to do is Go to the address bar for that window and type in CMD, then automatically open command prompt to that folder path without you having to do anything extra

9) Avoid Installation Bloaware: Before installing a program, you must read what options you’re selecting because a lot of times these programs, especially free installers will have extra bloatware that they install along with it. If you don’t check you’re going to get a lot of extra garbage on your PC. A lot of times these options will be under something like custom installation or advanced installation, and it’ll say “recommended installation”. So, always click advanced installation and see what the options are

10) Gmail Undo Sent Option: Go to settings and then go to the general settings scroll down and you’ll see and option to enable undo send and you have to enable it, and then you’ll have an option to daily it by 5 to 30 seconds, and within than timeframe after you send an email you have the option to click undo and it won’t be sent

11) Modify Gmail Email: You have a practically infinite number of GMail addresses. Just put a plus sign (+) after your name but before the @-sign and then type anything you like there, and the email will still reach you. You can also insert as many full stops (.) as you like, anywhere in the first half of your email address, and they’ll still reach you, too.

12) Find your Wi-Fi password In Windows, go to the “Network and Sharing Center.” Right click on the Wi-Fi network connection icon > Wireless Properties. Click on Show Characters box to show your Wi-Fi password.

  • In macOS all passwords are stored in the Keychain app. Use Spotlight to find “Keychain Access.” Open the app and find your Wi-Fi network name in the list of saved credentials. Double click it and then click the box to show your password (it will require your OS level password).

13)  Extract your youtube video and put it anywhere in your screen while working: Put in Google Chrome Chrome://flags then go to “Global Media Controls” and select Enabled.

14) Windows + Alt + R: To record screen

15) Win+X: Open the hidden menu

Windows has a hidden Start menu, called the Quick Link menu, that allows you to access all the key areas of the system. From here, you can jump straight to Device Manager to review and configure any hardware, such as printers or keyboards, that are currently attached to the system. Or you can quickly bring up the PowerShell command prompt window to access advanced Windows commands.