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SOS | Support provides unique, tailored solutions and Fully Outsourced IT support services for businesses in Salt Lake City, UT. Our dedication and experience allows us to support all I.T. functions of your business. We also tailor to Executive Home Offices including Fortune 500 CEO’s.

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SOS|Support’s outsourced IT support services prioritize proactivity. One of their proactive solutions is SOS Proactive, which focuses on preventative maintenance.

With SOS|Guardian, SOS|Support receives immediate notifications about the status of their clients’ servers and computers. In critical cases, SOS|Support guarantees on-site assistance within 1 hour of receiving a notification. Clients can access the server and computer status through their client log-in, which allows them to initiate and track outstanding issues and projects, as well as view a history of past problems and repair descriptions.

SOS|Offsite Backup is another preventative maintenance service provided by SOS|Support. It involves secure enterprise-level encrypted cloud backup, and clients receive daily logs of the offsite backup.

If you don’t see the specific service you’re looking for, it’s likely that SOS|Support offers it. You can contact them to confirm.

SOS|Support offers packages that simplify IT management. While they are flexible and adaptable, they provide packages that eliminate the guesswork in selecting services. They offer three solutions based on your business needs: a set fee based on the number of computers and servers in a monthly schedule, on-demand support known as “Break-Fix,” and their popular Hybrid service model, which is customized to fit your needs and budget, combining proactive and reactive approaches at a cost that suits your budget.

SOS | Fully Outsourced – One set price for all your IT needs*

SOS|Support Services
(Monthly Rates)

Reactive / Break Fix


  • Only pay for what you need

Fully Outsourced / All Inclusive

Custom Plan

  • One price all inclusive
  • Best for set budgets
  • Most pro-active service
  • Don’t stress about workstation failures

Our Core Services Include:

We tailor the core services to meet your needs and budget

  • SOS Guardian
  • SOS Managed Antivirus
  • SOS Pro-Active Maintenance
  • SOS Offsite Backup
  • SOS SonicWALL Managed Services
  • Web Hosting & GAPPs Email mgmt./ Office 365
  • G Suite/Office 365

Need custom care? Let us help you create your own support package by choosing any of the SOS|Solutions!

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