Penetration Testing of IT and Network Security Services

Cyber attacks and data breaches can potentially harm your business – not only it will halt some operations, but can also cost you thousands of dollars. As a precaution, businesses are turning to IT consultants and security experts to avoid these events, using what we call Network Penetration Testing.


A penetration test, also known as a pen test, is an authorized simulated attack on a computer system, performed to evaluate the security of the system. The test is performed to identify vulnerabilities, including the potential for unauthorized parties to gain access to the system’s features and data, as well as strengths, for a full risk assessment to be completed.

SOS Support discovers
and makes recommendations unique to your security concerns.

Here at SOSSupport, we deploy highly experienced network engineers to conduct network penetration testing services in South Jordan, UT. We have network engineers that are certified and equipped with expert-level pen testing abilities. Our network penetration consultants will ensure potential breaches are identified and remedied with industry-standard security. Our recommendations will not only secure your systems, but also affirm your compliance to laws and standards across your organization.

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With the tools and applications we use, plus our expertise in IT security, you are in safe hands.

We work in line with your goals.

We provide guidance towards the style of testing that best fits your business needs, and use your “security maturity” as a key indicator of what testing could be most efficient and economical for your short and long-term business goals.


Our penetration tests mainly include these in our services

  • We simulate real-world attacks.
  • We explore vulnerabilities not only found in your systems, but also for networks, and applications.
  • We will then discover the root cause of the attacks.
  • We will develop and provide a mitigation of the vulnerabilities found.
  • Also included is a risk management document for businesses.


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    Improve Your Network Security with Comprehensive Network Penetration Testing in Midvale, Utah

    In today’s rapidly evolving digital landscape, business networks are constantly exposed to various cyber threats. The consequences of a successful breach can be severe, including data loss, financial damage, and harm to your reputation. Protecting your business from these risks requires a proactive approach, and that’s where our comprehensive network penetration testing services in Midvale, Utah can make a significant difference.

    At SOS Support, we understand the critical importance of network security in safeguarding your valuable assets and ensuring the continuity of your operations. Our expert team of highly skilled and experienced ethical hackers is dedicated to helping businesses like yours enhance their network security through thorough and reliable network penetration testing.

    Through our network penetration testing process, we employ cutting-edge techniques and tools to simulate real-world cyber threats, testing the vulnerabilities of your network infrastructure. Our comprehensive assessment encompasses an in-depth evaluation of your servers, firewalls, routers, switches, and other critical devices that make up your network. We leave no stone unturned in identifying potential weaknesses, such as misconfigurations, unpatched systems, weak passwords, and inadequate security controls.

    Upon identifying vulnerabilities, our team provides you with detailed reports that outline each weakness and include recommendations for effective mitigation. We understand the importance of prioritizing these findings based on their potential impact on your network security. By collaborating closely with your IT team, we help develop a tailored action plan to patch or mitigate the identified vulnerabilities, ensuring that your network remains secure against potential cyber threats.

    Beyond immediate benefits, regular network penetration testing is essential to meet industry regulations and compliance requirements. By engaging our reliable and thorough network penetration testing services, you demonstrate a commitment to upholding industry standards and provide assurance to your customers and stakeholders that their sensitive information is in safe hands.

    At SOS Support, we prioritize understanding your unique network security challenges. Our network penetration testing services are specifically designed to meet the needs of businesses in Midvale, Utah, empowering you to strengthen your network defenses and protect your valuable assets effectively.

    Don’t wait for a cyberattack to happen. Take proactive steps to improve your network security today. Contact SOS Support and schedule a consultation to discuss how our network penetration testing services can help you secure your network and ensure the long-term success of your business in the face of ever-evolving cyber threats.

    Together, let’s fortify your network and gain the peace of mind that comes with robust network security. Get in touch with us now to enhance your network security with reliable and comprehensive network penetration testing in Midvale, Utah.

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