Penetration Testing of IT and Network Security Services

Are you ready for an adventure?

Network Penetration Testing is a way to test your network’s security and make sure it’s impenetrable.

Because you never know when someone might try to break into your system, it’s important to be prepared. That’s why we recommend getting a free network assessment if you are located in Utah.

When you get a free network assessment, we’ll walk through your company’s IT systems and give you recommendations on how to improve them. We’ll also look at any new projects or changes in your business, and make sure they’re protected from cyber attacks.

Apen testers will do their best to break into your system and see if they can access any confidential information. If they succeed in doing so, we’ll give you a full report of what happened and how we could have protected against it.

Let us be your guide through this exciting new world of technology!

SOS Support discovers
and makes recommendations unique to your security concerns.

Here at SOSSupport, we deploy highly experienced network engineers to conduct network penetration testing services in Draper, UT. We have network engineers that are certified and equipped with expert-level pen testing abilities. Our network penetration consultants will ensure potential breaches are identified and remedied with industry-standard security. Our recommendations will not only secure your systems, but also affirm your compliance to laws and standards across your organization.

With the tools and applications we use, plus our expertise in IT security, you are in safe hands.

We work in line with your goals.

We provide guidance towards the style of testing that best fits your business needs, and use your “security maturity” as a key indicator of what testing could be most efficient and economical for your short and long-term business goals.


Our penetration tests mainly include these in our services

  • We simulate real-world attacks.
  • We explore vulnerabilities not only found in your systems, but also for networks, and applications.
  • We will then discover the root cause of the attacks.
  • We will develop and provide a mitigation of the vulnerabilities found.
  • Also included is a risk management document for businesses.


If you want Network Penetration Testing Draper contact us and schedule an onsite consultation to deploy network penetration testing for your organization.

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