SOS Support Featured on Channel Futures- The need for IT documentation

SOS Support was recently featured in a blog post on Channel Futures, a media brand dedicated to innovative companies that champions digital services revolution.

In the post, Jason Kidman, the CEO of SOS Support shared his expert opinions about the need for IT documentation and implementation of best practices.

As one of the 2018 top 501 global MSP brands, SOS Support has had a lot of practical experience working with clients and developing best approaches for excellent service delivery.

Jason shared his insights on the transformative effects of adopting documentation in a company and client’s work.

“Without the necessary documentation in place, you’re at the risk of serious consequences like fines, shutdown and legal actions” – Jason Kidman

Documentation is a crucial part of business success. It is very important for compliance with various industry laws and regulations such as medical HIPAA. Documentation also helps to stabilize operations in case of transition to a different IT manager.

IT MSPs can document business operations as a Standard Operation Procedure(SOP) to promote efficiency and client’s satisfaction. A thorough detail of the client’s environment must be part of the documentation so you can offer custom services to clients.

A well-executed documentation makes it easy to be proactive about change and can save you valuable time.

“IT documentation is well worth the investment of man hours and we are seeing it benefit us daily. I don’t know how we functioned before. When I’m consulting with a prospective client, I explain the value of robust documentation, tapping into the relatable pain point of the difficulty of switching IT providers. We tell them that if they ever choose to switch from us to someone else, we will provide the necessary documentation, reports and everything they will need for an easy transition. That is now part of our regular services, and it’s been met with a very positive response.”

-Jason Kidman

While documentation is generally a tedious process, it can help transform your business.

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